It has been a long while since we bound a book, but if you can believe it, there was a time in our lives when we did far more bookbinding than printing!  Recently, someone who had seen our hand-bound books in the past commissioned us to make a guest book for a wedding reception.

Handmade guest book with custom bookcloth, from Anise Press

The colors for the wedding are ivory and deep plum.  We had a spot of trouble finding the perfect book cloth, so we made our own using cotton fabric, interfacing, and Japanese paper.  I really love the pattern — and thankfully, I bought enough fabric so that I have some left over for another project (a journal for me, perhaps?).

The hand-sewn album with the book press we used for the binding

Perhaps my favorite feature of handmade books — a fine point, admittedly — is the hand-sewn endbands which we create with different colors of silk thread.  In this case, we used ivory and lavender to accent the wedding colors.  The endband is both decorative and functional, but it also signals the attention to detail and tradition in any book.  (It’s the first thing I look for when examining a finely-bound book.)

A detail of the silk thread endbands at the top edge of the spine

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2 Responses to Hot off the Press: hand-bound wedding album

  1. Melissa T. says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I will have to pick your brain about making book cloth. I have some successful attempts and others not so successful.

  2. Allison T. says:

    Wow! I had NO idea that you had made this & that you can make these beautiful books! I’ve been looking for the best idea on the photo-journaling I want to do, but can’t find exactly what I’m looking for. This just may be it!! You guys have so many creative and amazing hidden talents. Please share more ;)

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