The children's designs for family Christmas cards

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After our marathon Christmas card block cutting session (twelve children, six parents, and twenty-six blank linoblocks), we were all excited to see how some of the designs worked out.  Even though we’re planning to get back together this week for our printing party, we decided to run a handful of blocks through the press.

A wonderful card; also, as close to snow as we're likely to get

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One result of the project is a series of utterly charming greeting cards, each bearing the individual character of the child who designed it.  Another is a step-by-step tutorial which we’re excited to say has been posted on Design Mom. This introduction to the project will take you by the hand and guide you through the entire process: obtaining the equipment, transferring the design, cutting the block (with clear safety guidelines), and printing the finished product.  Please let us know how yours turn out!

The cards with an evergreen garland and Russian matryoshka Santa

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