• Setting wood type in the pressroom at Anise Press.

  • Printing a quotation using decorative wood type at Anise Press.

  • A Hamilton oak type cabinet containing foundry type.

  • Printing on the Asbern press.

  • Part of the movable type collection used to print at Anise Press.

<span style="color: #51391a;">Who We Are <span class="spamp">&</span> What We Do</span>
Anise Press is a letterpress company which specializes in fine printing, block print illustrations, and typography in wood and lead.
<span style="color: #51391a;">What We Make <span class="spamp">&</span> Where To Find It</span>
This gallery of letterpress posters, cards, and fine art broadsides displays the range of Anise Press.
<span style="color: #51391a;">Some Words About Printing</span>
(Hint: the words are, "yes, please!")  Here are the posts we've written about the history and practice of letterpress printing.